February 20, 2014

VannenWatches.com Now Accepts Bitcoin!

VannenWatches.com now accepts bitcoin

Vannen Watches is excited to announce that we are now accepting Bitcoin at VannenWatches.com. Vannen prides itself as being a part of the DIY, independent community and that tradition continues with our adoption and support of this revolutionary, new digital currency. 

To celebrate the occasion, we're giving Bitcoin users 20% off their entire order at VannenWatches.com. Use coupon code BIT20 at checkout to receive your discount. This offer is good only at VannenWatches.com and valid until the end of this month, so do not delay.

If you're currently asking yourself, "What the heck is Bitcoin?" Let's break it down:

Bitcoin was created in 2009 and serves as a "decentralized" form of currency that isn't tied to any bank or government. It's used exactly the same way as other forms of currency, but instead, Bitcoins are transferred person to person without passing through a middle man.

Bitcoins can be obtained by being bought or sold through a "Bitcoin Exchange," they can be transferred from one user to another, or they can be "mined", which is the complex process in which Bitcoins are created.

So that's Bitcoin in nutshell. Too much info to process? Well, here's a great video that sums up Bitcoin nicely: 

Still confused? Check out these links herehere and here for more in-depth info on Bitcoin.


If you have Bitcoin burning a hole in your digital pocket, and you're ready to order something from VannenWatches.com, all you have to do is add one of our products to your cart and proceed to the Shopping Cart Confirmation page pictured below.

Once you arrive at the Shopping Cart Confirmation page, please confirm that you have the right product and quantity in your cart. If everything looks good, click the "Check Out" button in the lower right hand corner and proceed to the next page. 

The first step in the check out process begins here (see below) where you'll provide us with your contact info and shipping address. After you fill in your info, click the "Continue to the Next Step" button located in the lower left hand corner, and you'll be magically transported to the next page (step 2 of 2) where you will choose your preferred method of payment.

The second step (pictured below) in checking out at VannenWatches.com is where you select your method of payment. Since we're talking about Bitcoin, you're going to choose Bitcoin as your option. After you select Bitcoin, click the "Complete My Purchase" button in the lower left hand corner and you'll be whisked away to last step in check out process... the Bitcoin Invoice page!

Below is an example of our Bitcoin invoice page. It's last step of the check out process using Bitcoin at VannenWatches.com.

Your Bitcoin invoice page will look similar to the image above, except your page will have a unique invoice number associated with your transaction as well as your name, shipping address, total, and a QRC code that you scan with a mobile device that should already linked to your Bitcoin wallet.

Your Bitcoin invoice page will also have the option to view a payment address / URL that you can copy and paste in to your Bitcoin wallet on a computer. That option comes in handy when you don't have access to your mobile device to scan the QRC code.

Keep in mind you only have 15 minutes to complete your transaction with the Bitcoin invoice page. Once you scan the QRC code (or copy and paste the payment link to your wallet) your order will be complete, the funds will be deducted, and a confirmation email / alert will be sent to both parties acknowledging the transaction was a success. Easy as that. Congrats!