December 30, 2013

Dutch Pinball Announces The Big Lebowski Pinball Machines

Dutch Pinball Announces Big Lebowski Pinball Machine
Heads up,'s pinball time! Pinball giants Dutch Pinball have announced a pre-order is now open for The Big Lebowski pinball machines. They haven't unveiled the actual machines yet, but we're confident they're going to be amazing, and the line for them at the local bar is going to be long. Full press release below. 

Dutch Pinball BV announced that they will partner with Universal Partnerships & Licensing (UP&L) as the exclusive licensee for the global production of The Big Lebowski Pinball Machine. The announcement was made by Dutch Pinball President Jaap Nauta.

The Big Lebowski, which was initially released in 1998, has become a cult classic, elevating The Dude to cultural icon status. With stunning visuals, in-depth rules, full stereo sound and classic film clips, Dutch Pinball’s The Big Lebowski Pinball Machine brings players directly in The Dude’s world.

“The Big Lebowski Pinball gives Pinheads and Achievers an unprecedented opportunity to experience the film first-hand by immersing them in the storyline and allowing them to interact with the classic characters we all love,” said Barry Driessen, Creative Director and Chief Designer of Dutch Pinball. “As tremendous fans of the movie, we are all thrilled to have received this license from Universal so we can finally bring The Dude where he belongs, to the playfield.”

Preorders for The Big Lebowski Pinball Machine are now available on