December 11, 2013

Dead Body Road by Skybound - Issue #1 On Sale Now

Dead Body Road


Sometimes it starts with a title. A title so crazy that it had to belong to a brutal revenge tale, that some exploitation poster 30 years ago probably would've had blood dripping off every word. But where'd that title come from?

When THE WALKING DEAD is licensed by foreign publishers, liberties are taken in the translation. In Spanish-speaking territories, it's been renamed Los Muertos Vivientes, which is a lot closer to The Living Dead… which is appropriate, but far from perfect. And when you attempt to translate the English title into a non-Romantic or Germanic language… the results get A LOT more interesting. 

Which is how we came upon the words: DEAD BODY ROAD, which sounds like some film Takashi Miike hasn't made yet. And then writer Justin Jordan, known to orchestrate the hell out of carnage in his LUTHER STRODE series, sold us on a story packed with blood, guns, knives, lies and an ex-cop who's unable to stop thinking about why his wife that had to die at the hands of some scumbags. And who's really to blame…

There are those that argue car chases can't be done effectively in comics. Matteo Scalera is the argument ender. You should all know his work by now from the recent launch of BLACK SCIENCE, and he is one of the best artists in comics right now. And if you think his car chase in #1 is bonkers, he completely one-ups himself every issue.

DEAD BODY ROAD #1 has hit stores. It starts with a bank robbery gone completely fucking sideways, and ends… well, you'll just have to see for yourself.