November 27, 2013

Kathie Olivas "Before Midnight" @ AFA Gallery Las Vegas (11.30)

Kathie Olivas - Before Midnight @ AFA Gallery Las Vegas
AFA Las Vegas has a new solo exhibit opening Saturday by exquisite pop surrealist artist Kathie Olivas. 

Imaginary friends take form and narrate their own fleeting moments in a new series of surreal portraits by contemporary artist Kathie Olivas. The Artist will unveil her newest collection, entitled “Before Midnight”, at AFA of Las Vegas on November 30th. The new exhibition includes original paintings and sculpture, inspired by early American portraiture that often depicted children as small adults in an idealized new land. The characters parallel this vision within their own sense of post-apocalyptic conformity, uniquely documenting their own stories in a mysterious brave new world. Before the shadows escape into the night, impractical dreamers take part in a world only discovered by their own imaginations. Before the stroke of midnight, the alter egos and spirit guides become intertwined as high spirits for lonely misfits.

AFA Gallery - Las Vegas
Grand Canal Shoppes | The Palazzo • #2948
(Across from Ralph Lauren)
Telephone: 702.998.6975