November 19, 2013

Sony To Produce TV Pilot For "Preacher" Comic

Holy whiskey-soaked shit, it's finally happening. 

Sony Pictures Television is producing a pilot episode for AMC based on the legendary Vertigo comic series, "Preacher". 

Yes. Preacher. The story of a Texas preacher inhabited by the half-angel/half-demon Genesis, who hits the road with his gun-toting girlfriend and an Irish vampire named Cassidy to hunt down God and kick his ass. THAT Preacher, easily one of the ballsiest and most incredible comics ever written. 

Seth Rogan and Evan Goldberg are developing the initial pilot, along with Breaking Bad writer Sam Caitlin, and creator Garth Ennis is totally on-board with their adaptation. 

After years and years of development hell, it looks like Preacher may actually hit the screen, and in the form of a TV series with one of the best networks for cutting-edge television. 

Updates as soon as we have them. WE ARE SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!!